About Us

Who are we

Bitstream Technologies is a professional services organisation formed in 1999. We deliver high value consulting across a number of disciplines within in the information technology sector.

Bitstream is foremost, a gathering of integration professionals from several of the biggest integrators in the Australian market. Our principal consultants have national and international infrastructure consulting experience across multiple large highly visibility projects. They are backed by what we believe is the best engineering team in the local market. Our customers might be bias, but that’s what they tell us!

What we do

Bitstream Technologies assists clients with standardising, evolving and managing heterogeneous environments across a broad spectrum of technology platforms and engagement models.

Bitstream’s core capabilities are in desktop and server life cycle management, storage environments including storage rationalisation, consolidation of infrastructure, enterprise virtualisation, system discovery and data profiling.

Bitstream also consults upon large scale data migrations and restructuring, file system security and remediation, infrastructure management and monitoring strategies.

Bitstream delivers utilising an open architecture approach remaining vendor agnostic hence allowing for commoditisation of the end solutions.

Bitstream subscribes to Prince 2 project management methodologies and where appropriate aligns its deployment components with ITIL and MOF compliant frameworks.

Bitstream’s assistance may be a short term consultancy engagement to deliver a particular project component, or a longer term joint partnership perhaps with a full “turn key” ongoing managed solution.

Why choose us

Unlike many of our competitors Bitstream’s products, services, and solutions have been engineered and evolved through real world ongoing management of the end operating environments long after the initial deployment is wrapped up.

We have experience operationally managing, maintaining, and refreshing enterprise size environments. While many integrators claim to provide deployment capabilities in different technologies, very few offer management and sustainability of the installed environment over the long term. It is our mission to continue being market leaders in the field of agile infrastructure, turning the organisations IT environment into a business enabler that can empower and move your business rather than slow it down. Have your business and IT systems been working in synergy?

Our services

Bitstream Capabilities & Products

  Managed Operating Environments (MOE) – Synergy fleet lifecycle management +

   Storage & Virtualisation – Consuting and operational management + 

   Application Pakaging ServicesOutsourced Packaging Factory, Project Based Resources, Adhoc Consulting +  

  Backup & Recovery ServicesExperiencing back pain? We’ll safeguard your data +


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