Modular Consulting - Fixed price & deliverable, guaranteed outcomes, no surprises.

Bitsteam will scope all activities required to deliver your products and solution, consult with you and your team to verify the scope meets your specific business and technology requirements, confirm the effort and delivery, then agree to an implementation schedule that meets your project timeline and budget.

Our Unique Differences

We are flexible unlike other large integrators, we wont cookie cutter your engagement. Often the "standard offering" one size fits all approach doesn't actually answer all the questions or meet the objectives that an organisation requires from its engagement.

Our engagements deliver what the organisation needs, we only retain consultants that are capable of custom free forming all components of your delivery, no precanned find and replace reporting that isn't tailored to your needs. That's our difference and our promise.


Retained Advice

At Your Right Hand, High Level Trusted Advisor

Retained advice is simply that, we will provide a consultant, business analyst or architect available to you, working in your business, but most importantly for your business, for an agreed period of time per week or month. The cost to you is reduced based upon increaed volume and duration, continuity is guaranteed and in the unlikely event that our resource provision changes, Bitstream covers transition to a suitable replacement at our cost not yours.


Wholesale Resource Provision

Need a Skilled Contractor?

Don't want retention just  need a skilled contractor for a project or technical position.

Bitstream will provide  a suitably skilled resource  to join your team at  your direction in either  a short or longer term  engagement. As always  we stand by the quality  of our resources and  can word through our  HR partners to align  and comply with any  labor hive panel contract  your organization may  be bound to.


ADHOC Consulting & Breakfix

Smoke billowing from something?

Bitsteams consultants are the best in their fields, we can arrange ADHOC engagments for our clients as required on a time and materials basis in order to resolve your immediate ICT issues or perhaps as a prelim testing of our offerings before moving to a more strategic long term partnership.  We understand that it is not always a clear picture and sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes before embarking on a particular patrh to resolution or projet startup.  We're here to help.

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