Bitstream offers several Vendor / Wholesale models of engagement


Vendor partnerships

Managed Service Provision Resale

Managed Service Provision Resale




Vendor partnerships


Sharing client (prospective or existing, ours or yours) presales, scoping, design, evangelising products and services, co sponsoring and presenting briefings and events, adding value to new and existing client vendor relationships.


Wholesale resource provision

Have a pre-bundled service or adhoc engagement but you are short on highly skilled resources to perform and deliver it? Bitstream offers our skilled architects, principal consultants, and engineering capabilities to our vendor partners allowing them to deliver engagements utilising virtual teams. Deliver quickly and efficiently anytime anywhere. Our resources are your resources, will present as being from “your company xxx” and if you require can even wear your uniforms or badging onsite with your client base.

Bitstream delivers 2 models of wholesale engagement;

Fixed price engagements

Shared scoping, and presales proposal, with guaranteed delivery

We will;

Come to site and jointly meet with the client,

Discuss the challenges and capture requirements,

Develop scope and deliverables, then return to the client jointly for client sign off,

Deliver the engagement to the client as your resources, formally returning additional identified client opportunities through your sales channel in our post engagement wrap-up report.


Time and materials wholesale

Same Best of breed consultants as a scoede engagement 

Lower hourly rates,

no deliverable guaranteed

Our resources will work at your direction, under your scope and delivery promise. Only pay for the time you consume however Bitstream owns no penalty for overrun or scope creep.


Our Differences;

Our consultants are best of breed, just the people our vendors and partners would hire directly, no recruitment or HR issues to worry about, we can arrange for continuity of resources so you and your client base receive the same friendly faces and service each and every engagement.

Our consultants are continually selling value add

The quickest way to grow our business is to grow yours, we are ambassadors for your business and will evangelise your offerings.

Strict Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and IP protection agreements, your offerings are your own, or alternatively leverage our considerable proprietary IP as a Bitstream MSP reseller.

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