In modern IT departments, data storage is nearly always at a premium. Dynamic environments, unforseen organic growth, lack of data center power capacity or hardware footprint real estate  prove to be challenges in the multi-dimensional storage environment. How can you provision storage “on the fly” without massive capital investment? How can you keep your customers happy whilst you are ramping up your storage capacity?
Enter Bitstream’s cloud storage offering.  A service you can utilise to dynamic expand your ad hoc storage requirements, giving you breathing space through affordable cloud storage, allowing you to utilise as you see fit.

Cloud storage is not for all types of data being limited by you internet bandwidth capacity. Typically cloud storage is used to provide different tiers of storage for different data tiers requiring low to medium levels for access.

Bitstream’s cloud offering can also be used to replicate critical information to multiple data centers around the world, reducing risk and providing peace of mind that critical data is accessible by your organisation anywhere an internet connection exists regardless of whether it is "business as usual" or in the event of a disaster recovery scenario.

What we offer


Bitstream’s Cloud storage provides a unique per terabyte storage provisioning mechanism to allow for adhoc storage creation. Need more storage today, get it today? No more waiting extended periods of time to have storage allocation increased. Bitstream offers a near instantaneous provisioning of storage.

Safe and secure - Reduce Risk

How safe is your data today? Depending on what tier of storage you choose, BitStream has the capability to ensure replication of data in as many as three different data centers in different geographical locations around the world. Many businesses are choosing to use cloud storage to effect a disaster recovery capability. Imagine reducing your data risk profile overnight!!

Additonally, data in the cloud is encrypted at storage and in-flight, using industry standard encryption protocols, ensuring that only company computing assets have access to the data.

Reduce Complexity, Increase ROI

Using BitStream's cloud storage offering allows IT managers to present storage to apllications and users without engaging in lengthy design and planning cycles. This allows IT staff to focus on the operational requirements that matter to your business...delivering service.

Ease of Deployment

Storage provision is straight forward and fast. From the time of engagement, to the provisioning the storage to moving data to the cloud can be achieved in a business day. Existing cloud storage offered by BitStream can be expanded nearing instantaneously.


Business Benefits

   Next day disaster recovery

   Increase ROI

   Reduce your data risk profile

   Increase business agility

   Offload staff to focus on requirements that matter to your business



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