Company backups keeping you awake at night? Running low on backup storage capacity? Unsure about the quality of your backup media and the ability effect a complete restore? Run out of data center power capacity or hardware footprint real estate? Large capital investment required upgrading your backup infrastructure and meeting compliance? Burning resource cycles on backup checking and confirmation. Continual tape rotation and consumption causing cost blow-outs? Enter Plan B, the latest innovation in data backup.

What we offer

Plan B is BitStream’s backup product utilising our cloud storage offering to overcome some of the typical problems facing I.T department with respect to data backup.

DRP backups or whole of site backups.

Plan B can be tailored to meet your business needs. Where you are interesting in only backing up critical data and infrastructure for purposes of disaster recovery or you entire site, Plan B is scalability flexible enough to accommodate your company’s requirements.


By virtue of cloud storage, Plan B offers companies the unique capability to dynamically grow or shrink their backup storage according to their requirements. Need more backup storage capacity this month or reduce it the next. No problem.  

Reduce Risk - Managed Backup

Plan B also provides the backup software necessary to assist with the backup of your environment. This is presented as a managed service, allowing you to have your entire backup environment managed by BitStream, whilst giving you the ability to effect restores at your choosing. BitStream, will monitor the backup regime of your systems and alert you to failures and potential issues that affect your ability to perform restores.

Reduce Risk – Backup data replication

Using Plan B will provide you with the options of having your backup storage located offsite and replicated in multiple locations around the world. Using the managed backup software offering allows you to draw on the resources of BitStream to perform and manage your backups.

Reduce Risk – Disaster Recovery

Plan B allows for the most flexible of disaster recovery plans, allowing you to effect restores from location you choose to deploy your DR capability. Think of what this offers your organisation in terms of flexibility.

Reduce TCO

Using advanced strategies, Plan B employs data de-duplication, archiving and


Business Benefits

  Increase to ROI

 Reduce risk profile

  Increase business agility

  Lower operational costs

  Free up existing data center space to accommodating data center growth

  Global data access

  Ease of backups for DRP deployment

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