The next evolution in operating environments is the Dynamic Managed Operating Environment (Dynamic MOE) - its Deploy 2.0 methodology, and its what Bitstream "Synergy" is all about





Many organisations find the implementation and ongoing maintenance of a dynamic and secure desktop and server operating environment a costly and challenging multi-dimensional process. 

Desktop and server fleet management is a complex task, it involves many different levels of skill and varying degrees of internal organisation knowledge.  Some of the positions make complete sense to maintain in house, others have significant economy of scale and hence may align perfectly to a trusted infrastructure partner outsourcing model.

Fleet management challenges arise for many reasons however, majority of our clients often find the foremost problem is attracting, motivating, and keeping the right resources within key positions in house, or the need to scale out quickly as the busienss requires, this agility is a great business enabler and often allows the ICT component of the business to shine especially in merger or takeover situations.

Bitstream can help answer these and many other problems with our Synergy solution, and we typically save our clients a great deal of operational expense and reduce risk along the way as an added bonus!

Read on to find out how you can have your cake and eat it too;


The Standard Organisational Challenges of MOE

  1. Deciphering The Acronyms

There are many terms used to describe desktop and server fleet management.  Standard Operating Environment (SOE) or Common Operating Environment (COE) are the industry standard acronyms for describing - De sktop & Server Deployment V1.0 methodology, today we'll just refer to them both as SOE for simplicity.  See our SOE page for more detail about what actually goes into making a good SOE environment.

Bitstream's Synergy offering is the next evolution in managed operating environment methodology. Leveraging Deployment V2.0 methodology principles, Synergy is a mature product offering providing massively scalable desktop deployments with an integrated proactive patch management and reporting service. Additionally, Synergy provides an interactive self-service application deployment engine coupled with license and asset management compliance.


  1. The Difference Between Dynamic MOE vs Traditional SOE

When speaking about Dynamic MOE, the first thing we need to clarify is the understanding of what makes a Dynamic MOE different to an SOE (or COE)?

When we deploy an SOE we are using a standardised operating system image and a repeatable automated deployment environment which ideally means that every desktop (or server) deployed is exactly the same out of the box as the one next to it.  This approach helps to eliminate the human factor guaranteeing uniformity and hopefully reducing support costs.

When an organisation has an MOE it takes the SOE concept to the next level of maturity.  The SOE image forms the base deployment of an MOE however, the image is maintained in a structured approach after deployment to be absolutely current across the entire fleet no matter whether the deployment happened yesterday or 4.5 years ago.  This proactive management is more than releasing patches from a WSUS server or having a support person navigate to windows update, it is security of the entire environment including compliance reporting identifying desktop issues before users notice them and securing weakness in the environment before exploits can cripple your business.

The Dynamic MOE controls application deployment centrally with “User Self Service”* and integrated licensing and asset management control linked to your existing ITIL compliant CMDB**.  The level of consistency is maintained throughout the life of the assets and at upgrade of hardware or software, the costs are drastically reduced.  For additional details see our next section “What We Can Deliver”


  1. The Right Person For The Job

Bitstream has developed MOF aligned modular workflows and repeatable processes to ensure the right level personnel are expediently dealing with the fleet support task at hand.  This means we internally spread the management of our client environments across a pool of our resources (or partially across your resources in a modular outsource engagement) to ensure organisations receive the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) across their fleet.  This is our modular approach difference allowing selected components of an environment to be outsourced and measured for performance and cost viability.


  1. Contending With The Skills Vacuum

Retaining advanced technical MOE/SOE skills - The key resource skills required to design and properly maintain a professional Dynamic Managed Operating Environment (MOE) are expensive and often utilised to their true technical capacity only a small proportion of the overall time spent within the organisation.

Sure, we'll admit you could always use these highly expensive resources to unpack boxes or take low level support calls in their spare time however, it really isn’t a good use of their skills or of the organisations money when a lower level service desk technician could perform the task for 1/2 - 1/3 the cost.

Eventually in this scenario either the high level skills become dull through disuse or the employee simply moves on to a more challenging role in a larger organisation or out to an external integrator leaving the organisation with no residual IP or skills transfer.  This too often becomes a painfully repetitive cycle.

Bitstream doesn’t just have one highly skilled MOE specialist, we have many, mitigating single points of failure and saving clients the headaches of recruitment and up skill.  Our clients only pay for the actual time they require any given level of skill within the organisation (our modular approach) and in turn our team stays motivated and current as they only perform the level of work actually befitting their skillsets whilst we guarantee a continuity of resource capability.  Bitstream continually uplift and further hones its consultants skills across our diverse customer environments using our standardised delivery approach.


What We Deliver

  • Automated operating system and software installations, installed and configured the same way every time, no matter who does it on any particular day
  • Standardised desktop policy so that important settings, like your security settings, cannot be modified by end usersStandardised hardware configurations to reduce complexity, and certified to work on your new SOE
  • A consistent, productive computing environment for end users so that their data, applications and settings are accessible when and where they need them
  • Standardised hardware configurations to reduce complexity, and certified to work on your new MOE
  • Proactively maintained  operating system patch and core business application security vulnerability patching and compliance
  • Defined prcesses for deployment and daily operations matching the most appropriate skilled support staff members to support and maintenance actvities, ours or yours simply the cheapest possible daily operating structure


Business Benefits

  Reduced TCO

  • Save on human resource costs by automating the deployment and configuration of your desktops
  • Save on support costs by reducing the complexity and diversity of your hardware and software environment
  • Gain economies of scale not otherwise available to many businesses
  • Reduce support calls increase uptime and reliability
  • Drastically reduced "SOE bulge" at next hardware or OS refresh time

  Increased Business Agility

  • Allow deployed desktops to change with the current needs of your business, quickly and efficiently, by automating configuration changes across your desktop fleet
  • Move between operating system versions or hardware with minimal effort and cost
  • Users can self assign software with manager approval

  Reduced Business Risk

  • Run hardened desktops; by taking into account security standards, trends and business needs your desktops become more resillient to infection from malware, viruses and trojans.
  • Reduce the likelyhood of data loss and network intrusion by ensuring user data is stored on the network and only the services and protocols you need are running.  

  Improved Asset & Licese Management

  • Every node of your fleet is visible and can be reported upon at will, and may be vetted against your central CMDB for a single dynamic source of truth
  • Software may be issued revoked or roam dependant upon your organisational licensing model
  • Dynamic tracking available with the addition of nVision Managed


Our Difference

We retain top consultants that have experience in managing enterprise size desktop environments. While many integrators claim SOE deployment capability, only a few understand the crucial ongoing management and sustainability methodologies that a desktop environment requires over the long term. We bring this experience to the table in our engagements, our goal is turn your desktop environment into a business enabler that works in synergy with your business goals.

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