The StorageGlass product from Bitstream is an automated storage management solution for the medium to large sized organisation. Get realtime reporting and trending, only store the right information, enforce corporate compliance, control storage waste and bloat.


In today’s modern IT departments, NAS and SAN storage is common place, yet are still an expense infrastructure requirement necessitating careful planning and consideration.

Modern IT departments are spending large amounts of productive time managing existing data stored on NAS and SAN devices. Organic data growth in application and services areas combined with, business continuity, duplication of data, regulatory requirements and capacity planning, make enterprise storage one of the most challenging present and future multi-dimensional management environments in any ICT department.
To compound matters, data management tasks are nearly always manually performed. Storage management of capacity planning, quotas, illegal file types and organic growth of user data, present a management issue that challenges even the most experienced storage administrators.


StorageGlass from BitStream provides organisations with a customisable storage management solution, to free up internal resources in your I.T department and let them get on with the business running your network.


Using StorageGlass, Bitstream consultants will implement management components that apply to the agreed upon parameters across your data profile. This will allow organisations to have a view their current data profile, have automated functions in their storage infrastructure that will facilitate the application of quotas, deletion of or active blocking of file types and finally allow for billing reports to be produced for the organisation’s departments.


Key benefits for your business

  • Dashboard view of storage profile
  • Automate file management and maintenance functions
  • Application of file system quotas
  • Active file blocking based on file extensions policies
  • Reduce future storage requirements, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Ongoing support and management from BitStream engineers to ensure total and cost effective management of your data storage systems
  • Implementation of a data policy to reclaim storage currently utilised by unwanted file types or excessive use.
  • Increased business agility through better planning and knowledge of capacity requirements.
  • Reduce future storage requirements, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks freeing up I.T staff to focus on business requirements.

Bitstream’s Unique Difference

  Comprehensive and customised review of the storage environment aligned to the identified business drivers.

  We mentor and uplift your internal ICT resources during deployments.

  Consultants document engagement scope not sales people so you get the right outcome first time.

  We deliver clearly defined modular plans to remediate pain points.

  Bitstream tiered product support for your organisation.


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