Is your organisation battling to get a true picture of its ICT Assets?  Don’t struggle in the dark any longer, let us solve your problem and empower the business with current age, location and, lifecycle replacement reports.


Many organisations find themselves in a situation where asset details are inaccurate, and capital replacement costs and budget forecasting can be difficult to accurately define.  Clients often doubt the accuracy of internally prepared and audited information and need a fresh impartial set of eyes to vet and ensure accuracy allowing the business to progress.

The unknown state is often largely borne through rapid changes in dynamic information technologies over the preceding 5 years.  Virtualisation and automated deployment systems have lead to much organic growth, often meaning traditional asset management systems have been too inflexible to keep up with entities that are unable to be physically tagged.

What We Deliver

Bitstream's highly skilled resources undertake a full network discovery utilising powerful  tools which compare any existing asset lists or sources such as your configuration management database (CMDB), with what actually exists in the ICT environment.  We will deliver a comprehensive picture of your ICT environment with a corresponding gap analysis allowing you to cleanse your current asset system repositories and add nonexistent additional entries.

nVision Includes

   Core Preparatory Tasks

  • Environment Discovery & Organisation Initiation
  • Automated Server, Infrastructure, Connectivity, & Desktop Discovery
  • Internal Staff Interviews / Workshops to Amalgamate Current Asset List / CMDB Information
  • Centralised nVision Database Propagation for Consolidation & Vetting of Raw Information Feeds

   Physical Data Centre Audit (May Include LAN/MAN/WAN Sites*)

  • Confirm Automated Discovery
  • Capture Peripheral Equipment & Note Defects

   Life span & age profile reporting, capital replacement projections

  • Hardware Model and Series Information Per Server / Peripheral**
  • Feedback To The Business On Any Observed Gaps In Current Asset Management Process Observed During The Audit Engagement 

   Optional nVision Components

  • Indicative Replacement Costs and Depreciated Value For Forecasting
  • Software Licensing Audit & True Up . Recover Disused Licenses & Mitigate Vendor Compliance Risk & Liability
  • Preparation of router & switch port to floor layout maps

   Managed Service Synergy with nVision Extended Components

  • Alerting on client relocation for CMDB change triggering
  • Automatic or Exported CMDB Updates
  • License Enforcement And Software Deployment 
  • Reporting on user activity for business recharge / cost recovery
  • ICT asset lifecycle tracking - integration of computer discovery, to switch port, to location


*     Physical audit of LAN/MAN/WAN sites is available at a scoped additional cost, base service includes primary data centre and its contained servers plus supporting infrastructure.

**   Some older hardware models will fail to report full remote information  either through aged bios or non compliant operating systems, in these cases without physical audit and internal inspection full statistical data may be unavailable.

***  These features only available with a Bitstream fully managed service agreement for monitoring covering ICT assets being reported upon.  CMDB updates available for databases built upon SQL200x, Oracle10/11, Access 200x, MySQL.

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