Are you tired of loading operating systems manually, maintaining multiple ghosted images, battling to find and capture user data then move it to new workstations at refresh time? 

Does it take you more than 10 minutes hands on time to deploy your desktops?

Quick Drop Desktop is automated SOE deployment for small to medium size organisations, all the glitz and glam of the big IT shops, with none of the large licensing costs or steep training budget requirements. 


Bitstream empowers organisations with new found agility through the deployment of PC and Server* Operating systems across the network with fully automated installation including all core business applications and specific configurations. User data is automatically secured to the network and then restored to the new environments at the end of build time.
  1. Simplify The Image & Distribution

Bitstream builds a single common operating system image per desktop or server* release incorporating the organisation's core applications and configurations, we integrate your common desktop hardware types and assist your ICT support teams to proactively manage the deployment and maintenance of the desktop fleet throughout its full hardware and operating system life cycle. This is the basis of the organisation Standard Operating Environment (SOE).


  1. Decrease Desktop Delivery Time

Bitstream's highly trained consultants and engineering team shave weeks, and often months off traditional desktop deployments even where a level of automated systems already exist. While we are initially saving you time and money, we are also reducing ongoing operational costs through standardising your deployment and final desktop environments.  Save on this delivery and every other one from this time on!


Key benefits for your business;

  • Increased business agility, reduced risk, lower total cost of ownership
  • Seamlessly deploys operating system images to your desktop fleet with no ICT support time or effort
  • Automates the largest effort and cost components of desktop deployment
  • We include automated backup and restore of data being migrated between hardware
  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 compliant, seamless image upgrades
  • We utilise components of the "Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)” and "User State Migration Tool (USMT)" to deliver industry best practice deployment, integrator agnostic, and future roadmap aligned to new Microsoft releases
  • Never insert another OS DVD again!


Bitstream’s Unique Difference

  • Deliver strategic planning aligning the solution to your business
  • Flexible and dynamic modular solution can be built upon as your organisation evolves and grows
  • We mentor and uplift your internal resources during deployment, no bolt in and run
  • Vendor and hardware agnostic, we don’t lock you in to us or your hardware suppliers


    Quick drop your fleet!



Build as fast as

you can unpack.....

Quick Drop Desktop!




* Server Operating Environment deployment is covered under the Quick Drop Server product

**Optional ongoing support agreements available to upgrade and maintain your images and infrastructure

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  Managed Operating Environments (MOE) – Synergy fleet lifecycle management +

   Storage & Virtualisation – Consuting and operational management + 

   Application Pakaging ServicesOutsourced Packaging Factory, Project Based Resources, Adhoc Consulting +  

  Backup & Recovery ServicesExperiencing back pain? We’ll safeguard your data +


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  System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) – Next generation fleet management tools +

  Systems Management Suite (SMSe/SMSd) – End to end service and infrastructure management +


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