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  • Reduce Business Risk +

  • Reduce TCO +


SOE stands for Standard Operating Environment. In the desktop world this means a desktop environment that has been planned, standardised and rationalized so that it is more secure and easier to manage. When your desktop fleet starts to grow, an SOE is where you turn to help keep things under control






As your desktop fleet grows so do your support costs. This seems like an obvious statement; more users, more hardware, more problems... of course it's going to grow! But what's not always so obvious is why you have so many problems what you can do about them.

  1. The Human Factor

    If all of your operating systems and software are installed and configured manually can you guarantee that they have all been installed and configured the same way every time? Even if you have strict installation instructions, what about unavoidable human error?

    Automating operating system and software installation and configuration tasks can reduce your initial deployment and ongoing support costs significantly. If everything is installed and configured the same way every time it's logical that this will produce a more predictable and stable environment for you to support.

  2. Diversity exponentially increases cost

    Every piece of software you introduce into your environment requires support; think installation, configuration, product assistance and software repair. Every model of hardware you introduce into your environment requires support; think drivers, bios updates and part failures. The more software installed on one desktop also increases the likelyhood of conflict with other software.

    It's simple, the more variety you introduce into your desktop environment the more it costs you to support. By standardising and rationalizing your desktop hardware and software you reduce your support surface area and drive down cost.


What We Can Deliver

  • Automated operating system and software installations so that they are installed and configured the same way every time, no matter who does it on any particular day.
  • Standardised desktop policy so that important settings, like your security settings, cannot be modified by end users.
  • Standardised hardware configurations to reduce complexity, and certified to work on your new SOE.
  • A consistent, productive computing environment for end users so that their data, applications and settings are accessible when and where they need them.


Business Benefits

  Reduced TCO

  • Save on human resource costs by automating the deployment and configuration of your desktops
  • Save on support costs by reducing the complexity and diversity of your hardware and software environment

  Increased Business Agility

  • Allow deployed desktops to change with the current needs of your business, quickly and efficiently, by automating configuration changes across your desktop fleet

  Reduced Business Risk

  • Run hardened desktops; by taking into account security standards, trends and business needs your desktops become more resillient to infection from malware, viruses and trojans.
  • Reduce the likelyhood of data loss and network intrusion by ensuring user data is stored on the network and only the services and protocols you need are running. 


Our Difference

We retain top consultants that have experience in managing enterprise size desktop environments. While many integrators claim SOE deployment capability, only a few understand the crucial ongoing management and sustainability methodologies that a desktop environment requires over the long term. We bring this experience to the table in our engagements, our goal is turn your desktop environment into a business enabler that works in synergy with your business goals.

Our services

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  Systems Management Suite (SMSe/SMSd) – End to end service and infrastructure management +


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