How do Fortune 500 companies manage 1000's of applications across their desktop fleets while still keeping support costs to a minimum? The answer: Software packaging; and you don't need to be a Fortune 500 to reap the same benefits.






Like an SOE, software packaging is all about driving down cost through standardisation and automation. Installing software in an ad-hoc manual fashion invites diversity and complexity into your environment over time. Diversity and complexity are typically created through what we refer to as "the human factor", this in turn exponentially drives up support costs:

  1. The Human Factor

    If all of your software is installed and configured manually, can you guarantee that it as all been installed and configured the same way every time? Even if you have strict installation instructions, what about unavoidable human error?

    Automating software installation and configuration tasks can reduce your initial deployment effort and ongoing support costs significantly. If everything is installed and configured the same way every time it's logical that this will produce a more predictable and stable environment for you to support. 

  2. Diversity exponentially increases cost

    As a piece of software is installed mutiple times in an environment, the potential for lots of little problems that affect only one or two people increases. The installation diversity bought about by manual installation means that your support people are constantly running around putting out these little fires all day instead of fixing targeted issues in an organised manner.

    Basically you are not getting economy of scale. Throwing more support people at an unstructured software environment is not going to make your problems go away, it just increases the bottom line on your support costs.


What We Can Deliver

  • Discovering and documenting application details, including installation and configuration procedures, so that support people know how to support it and packagers know how to package it
  • Automating application installations so that they are installed and configured the same way every time, no matter who does it on any particular day
  • Testing packaged applications with key users to make sure it is correct before final deploying into production
  • Design and deployment of electronic software delivery infrastructure so that you can deploy packaged applications to hundreds or thousands of desktops without visiting a single PC


Business Benefits

  Reduced TCO

  • Reduce software deployment costs by automating software installs
  • Reduce ongoing desktop support costs by reducing complexity in your software environment

  Increased Business Agility

  • Changes to your software environment can be made quicker by testing changes against a known installation baseline 

  Reduced Business Risk

  • Ensure that important settings, such as security settings, are configured appropriatly during software installation


Our Difference

We focus not only on the software packaging process but also the lifecycle software goes through once it has been deployed. Many integrators only focus on automating the installation process but once deployed an application may still require changes or updates, and these need to able to be made as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand this need from managing live software environments ourselves so we bring this understanding to the table in our engagements.

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